Iffat Ara Suchita, MD

Assistant Professor
Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery
Epilepsy Division (Level IV epilepsy center)
The University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM, USA

Dr. Iffat Ara Suchita is currently working as Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico, New Mexico, USA. She is an ABPN board-certified neurologist, who is subspecialized in Epilepsy.

She finished her medical school at Dhaka National Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Then she did her neurology residency training from UT Health San Antonio, Texas, USA, and completed a dedicated Epilepsy fellowship from the top-ranked and world-renowned neurological institute: the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA. After finishing her fellowship, she joined the level-IV/comprehensive epilepsy center in the USA, at the University of New Mexico, where she primarily provides care to refractory epilepsy cases (including medical, surgical, and/or neuromodulation device management) and is affiliated with the academic role of teaching residents/fellows/medical students. Dr. Suchita is passionate about contributing to the world of Neurological diseases and Epilepsy.

She loves to educate her patients, patients’ families, residents, fellows, and medical students, by sharing knowledge in a simplistic way. She believes in hard work, dedication, and compassionate patient care. She is the neurology lead faculty at PHA. She is very excited and hopeful, about her neurology team’s current contribution towards sharing knowledge and expertise with fellow Bangladeshi physicians. Medical science is constantly evolving. It is all about sharing experiences and keep ourselves up-to-date. She believes that PHA an incredible platform to close the gap by sharing the standardized and the most sophisticated neurology knowledge, which is actually an indirect way to help neurology patients in Bangladesh. We believe that together we can make a better world and give the best to our patients.