CHAIRMAN MD<br><br> Faculty, College of Medicine, University of Central Florida, USA Director, Digestive and Liver Center of Florida

Basher M Atiquzzaman, MD a renowned gastroenterologist fondly known as “Dr. Atiq” is a passionate physician, educator, leader and philanthropist. He has a passion for transfer of knowledge and resources to the underserved and disadvantageous.

For more than two decades Dr. Atiq has collaborated with the healthcare educators in Bangladesh in various levels to share knowledge, reduce knowledge gap and technology transfer.

Dr. Atiq is a Faculty of College of Medicine in University of Florida and also Director of Heartburn Center of Digestive and Liver Center of Florida (DLCFL). He serves as curriculum Director of the Internal Medicine Training program of University of Central Florida. He is actively involved with multiple research in DLCFL and ‘ Global Robotic Institute’. He is also surviving as an Associate professor of Kansas City University Medical College & Nova Southeastern University.

Dr Atiq graduated from Chittagong Medical College. He completed his Internal Medicine Residency from State University of New York, Downstate (SUNY Downstate). He also completed Fellowship training in Geriatrics Medicine from Stoney Brook University, NY and Gastroenterology Fellowship from SUNY Downstate.

He served in leadership positions including Chairman of Medicine and Chief of Gastroenterology in major teaching hospitals of central Florida. He published numerous articles in major peer reviewed journals and presented papers in many international conferences. He authored four medical textbooks.

Dr Atiq is actively involved in many professional and nonprofit organizations. He served in leadership positions in numerous nonprofit and professional organizations including American College of Gastroenterology, Bangladesh Medical Association of North America, Bangladesh Foundation etc.

Dr Atiq is a gifted writer and writes columns in top news portals in Bangladesh. He is a popular public speaker and participates in various television programs and in social media.

Dr Atiq is a strong believer of work-life balance and an avid traveler, gardener and photographer. He is happily married with two children. His wife is a physician and supports his passions.